Where to begin?

I wanted to create a blog that shared and promoted positive thoughts and ideas that will hopefully help you to take positive action within your life. Even if it’s to never read this blog again… that’s sort of action, right?…

Sometimes it seems like we have been sucking on that life lemon for a bit too long (apologies, this lemony goodness will be splashed all over this blog!). I know I’ve felt trapped inside this bitterness for a while now. You feel worthless, useless and well, frankly, boring. It’s only a matter of time before it starts to affect your ability to socialise, to both love and be loved and to recognise the simplicity of life. Most importantly, however, with one iron-clad fist, it crushes your ambition.

You feel like you will never amount to anything and that you are irrelevant in your own life.

This simply isn’t true.

Nobody will ever see a blue sky with cotton wool clouds through your eyes. They will never hear the chirps of the first morning birds through your ears. They will never taste a warm piece of home-made apple pie with your mouth. They will never gently stroke a newborn-baby’s hand with yours.

This is what makes you special. These present moment experiences are what we take for granted because we feel pressure to constantly think ahead. But you’re manning this ship and you choose what’s on board.

Once you realise that you are in control of your own destiny (cliché but oh so true) then you are on the path of ambition. Allow yourself to be inspired by the zestiness and juiciness of all the life that is happening around you and within you right now!

Inspiration and ambition are key to fulfilling your true potential and understanding your true self-worth. They go together like a horse and carriage.

The journey starts here, for both you and I.


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