Never be down about your down day

Sometimes you wake up and there is just no pep in your step; not even a crow bar could turn that frown upside down (although you wouldn’t mind putting the crow bar to better, more… ‘tension-releasing’ use) and you just want to press snooze all day.

It is ok.

Feeling like you are on cloud 1, never mind cloud 9, every day with this indelible glow of productivity and positivity can be a struggle. But that isn’t a struggle that you need to feel guilty about.

There’s a lot of things we feel guilty about but few things for which we are guilty. By harboring feelings of guilt you are creating a dimension of negativity that is counter-productive and you just end up making yourself feel worse with no positive outcome.

Sometimes you just need a down day. Everybody does.

So I will snuggle down this evening in my slightly fusty dressing gown and binge on ‘House of Cards’ and chocolate. Because that is how I am choosing to end my day.

Tomorrow is a new one.


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